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Topic: pakai wireless router Blue Link BL-R31N, tak bisa akses dari wifi

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Saya pakai speedy dengan modem TP-Link TD-8817 (Modem Router) IP:

Dari modem saya hubungkan ke Wireless Router BL-R31N (Blue-Link) IP:
Router di set dengan wizard.

Kalau saya akses dari PC (wired) bisa, tapi dari laptop (wifi) tidak bisa terkoneksi.

berikut sumary dari modem dan router :

Modem TP-LINK    TD-8817   ADSL2 Modem Router

Device Information                  
Firmware Version :    2.0.0 Build 101012 Rel.20234
MAC Address      :    74:ea:3a:d0:09:5c
CPU Usage        :    3%
Memory Usage     :    57%

IP Address    :
Subnet Mask     :
DHCP Server     :    Enabled

PVC    VPI/VCI    IP Address    Subnet    GateWay    DNS Server    Encapsulation    Status
PVC0    0/35    PPPoE    Down
PVC1    8/81    PPPoE    Up
PVC5    1/81    PPPoE    Down
PVC6    8/35    PPPoE    Down

Firmware Version:    FwVer: HwVer:T14.F7_6.0
Line State     :    Showtime
Modulation     :    ADSL2 PLUS
Annex Mode     :    ANNEX_A
        Downstream    Upstream    
SNR Margin     :    44.4     38.5    db
Line Attenuation:    8.0     5.3     db
Data Rate    :    462     118     kbps
Max Rate    :    15416     172     kbps
POWER        :    11.3     1.3     dbm
CRC        :    0    1    

Encapsulation    :
ISP        :    PPPoE/PPPoA                

Servicename    :    kosong
Username    :    My_User_Name
Password    :    My_Password
Encapsulation    :    PPPoE LLC
Bridge Interface:    Deactivated

Connection Setting                
Connection    :    Always On (Recommended)
TCP MSS Option    :    TCP MSS(default:1400)bytes

IP Address                
Get IP Address    :    Dynamic
NAT        :    Enable   
Default Route    :    No
TCP MTU Option    :    TCP MTU(default:1480)bytes
Dynamic Route    :    RIP1    Direction    :    Both
Multicast    :    Disable
MAC Spoofing    :    Disabled
Router Local IP               
IP Address    :
IP Subnet Mask    :
Dynamic Route    :    RIP2-B
Direction    :    None
Multicast    :    Disable
IGMP Snoop    :    Disable

DHCP        :    Enable

DHCP Server                
Starting IP Address    :
IP Pool Count        :101
Lease Time        : 259200 seconds   (0 sets to default value of 259200)

DNS Relay    :    Use Auto Discovered DNS Server Only

Wireless Router
Blue_link BL-R13N

Operation     Start
SSID         AISHA_HOT_SPOT        Mode     B/G/N
Region         Asia Pacific
Channel     1     
Operation mode    
SSID Broadcast    ON     
WMM               OFF
Encryption       TKIP   
Encryption key       xxxxxxxx

Internet (WAN) Status
Connection Status     Successfully connected
Connection Type     DHCP User(Dynamic IP)
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS    
MAC Address     00-13-8F-DE-3D-F5

LAN Configuration
Subnet Mask
MAC Address     00-0E-E8-CD-40-49
DHCP Server Status     Running
DHCP IP Pool ~
# of allocated IP     1

Wireless Status
Status     AP Mode - Running
SSID(Network Name)     AISHA_HOT_SPOT
Mode     B,G,N
Region     Asia,Pacific
Channel     Channel 1  ( 2.412 GHz,Lower,40 MHz )
SSID broadcasting     Running
Authentication     WPAPSK/WPA2PSK
Encryption     TKIP
MAC Authentication     Accept All
Wireless MAC Address     00-0E-E8-CD-40-48
Multi Bridge     Stopped

Firmware Version     7.20
Remote Mgmt Infomation     Remote Management is not configured.
You can set up this at [ Mgmt Access List ] page
System run time     19 Hour 34 Min 36 Sec

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