Topic: Which SMS Gateway for Linux? What device? What cellphone service?

Maaf: Halo. Saya orang America yang tinggal di Indonesia. Saya bisa mengerti sedikit Bahasa Indonesia, tetapi saya kira tidak cukup untuk menjelaskan pertanyaan saya dengan baik, jadi saya harap tidak masalah besar jikalau saya pakai Bahasa Ingris kali ini.

Introduction: My father has been trying to find a way to send and recieve text (SMS) messages with his computer. He has been having a very difficult time, so I decided to do some searching on the Internet and found a topic in your forum titled "SMS Gateway made in Indonesia". I soon realized however that, that is for a programmer to make his own SMS gateway. I think he would rather just use something that already works, and I was hoping that this awesome community could help us (seeing that you are a community of experts based in Indonesia, you understand our situation better than English communities, which is why I thought it better to ask here even though I can't write in Bahasa Indonesia as well as I'd like).

Information: My father is using Linux (distro Mint Mate---based on Ubuntu) on his computer. His cellphone is a Nokia 2700 Classic. What he would like to do is send and receive text (SMS) messages from his computer so that he can type and read them on his computer instead of having to type in a small cellphone (takes too much time with a cellphone for him). He is only planning on sending text (SMS) messages domestically (to other Indonesian phone numbers), not internationally.


1. What is the best program/software for Linux for sending text (SMS) messages in Indonesia?
2. Will his Nokia 2700 Classic work for being the device he connects to the computer to send the messages?
3. What is the best cellphone/modem/device to use for this?
4. What is the best service in Indonesia to use for this (Indosat, Telkomsel, IM3, 3, etc.)?