Topic: Bounty gratis dari Hackspace Capital

Ada yang mau Bounty gratis dan terbukti membayar dari Hackspace Capital, lumayan sekitar 200 HAC per posting atau sekitar 0.000015btc, coba aja kalau buat 10 postingan sudah keliatan tuh hasilnya. bagi yang belum tau apa itu Hackspace Capital, silahkan simak dibawah ini ....

Hackspace Capital is a platform established in 2017 for the purpose of investing in and developing the most promising early stage technology hardware and connected hardware startups identified by its strategic partner, the innovative engineering catalyst EnCata. Hackspace Capital also serves as an online shop, where people can acquire products and services created and offered by Hackspace Capital startups.

HACKSPACE has partnered with the elite engineering catalyst EnCata to develop a proprietary chain of cutting edge hardware technology products and services.

HACKSPACE will launch an ICO on September 19, 2017. Proceeds will fund the development of the hardware products and HACKSPACE blockchain platform. New cryptourrency («HAC TOKENS») can be exchanged for HACKSPACE developed products and services at a 20% discount to market prices 3 months before the official market entry.

HACKSPACE is a venture fund investing in and developing the most promising early stage hardware and connected hardware technology startups identified by its strategic partner, the elite engineering catalyst ENCATA
HACKSPACE has assembled a dynamic international team of innovators, engineers, developers, business leaders and investors to create the optimal environment for enabling and accelerating the development of tomorrow’s leading technologies.
Through its agreement with Encata, HACKSPACE will get an exclusive first look and right of refusal to invest in a new generation of world changing technology products.

HACKSPACE will launch an ICO on 19 of September , 2017 at time with the sale of 25% of total authorized HAC TOKENS. There will be 11 additional monthly auction sessions beginning October, 2017, with each sesion emitting an increasingly smaller volume of HAC TOKENS.


ENCATA is a world class ‘one stop’ engineering catalyst taking hardware technology startups from a good idea to market launch.

ENCATA’s success and reputation make it a desired partner for the best new tech startups.

3-6 month close working relationship with startup senior management teams give Encata excellent insight into the quality of management, the most important factor in a company’s success.

ENCATA is the ideal partner for HACKSPACE, referring the best management teams with the best products.


ENCATA has referred to HACKSPACE 10 startups with superior hardware technology products and superior management teams.

Six of the projects are ready for investment into mass production and market launch.
HACKSPACE expects 20-30 new projects annually.

The first product, the revolutionary energy ball by Hand Energy  will be delivered to the HACKSPACE blockchain platform in December, 2017., The energy ball is the first portable generator of “green” energy using only the movement of the human hand. Hand Energy crowdfunding campaign was well oversubscribed and it has been highlighted in media stories from The Telegraph, BBC, Mashable and others. Its promotional video has been viewed more than 10 million times!


A total of 1 billion HAC TOKENS have been authorized, to be distributed as follows:
50% HAC TOKEN bonus during the first 2 hours
30% HAC TOKEN bonus during the next 4 hours
10% HAC TOKEN bonus during the next 16 hours


HACKSPACE will use the proceeds from the ICO to:
Develop and bring to market existing startup projects
Create proprietary online platform
Accelerate project development pipeline, R&D/engineering infrastructure
Create hackspacess and infrastructure in key global innovation hotspots


HAC TOKEN owners will receive significant advantages in the acquisition of HACKSPACE cutting edge technology products and services:
For three months after market launch, new products will only be available on the HACKSPACE platform in exchange for HAC TOKENS
HAC TOKEN holders will receive significant promotional pricing discounts and bonuses.when exchanging HAC TOKENS for HACKSPACE products and servies
HAC TOKENS can be freely bought an sold on the HACKSPACE platform or other liquid exchanges. The advantages to token holders in advanced product delivery and discount pricing for dynamic new tech products should always provide a strong demand for HAC TOKENS.

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