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Gaelle T. Morin (editor)
Memo #12
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Theorie de Terrain A La Carte

Grounded Theory, the final frontier. These are the grounded memos of Gaelle T. Morin. Her continuing mission: to explore new categories, to seek out new properties, to boldly research where no one has theorized before!

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This is in noway a para-phrasing GTM guide, or a rhetorical wrestle. This site was once in Bahasa Indonesia, however, most available materials are in English. These pages contain copyrighted materials, which were quoted on the base of non-commercial fair use (FL 102); whereas the wallpaper theme of these pages are based on the Grounded Theory of Maxwell Four (Electro-Gauss, Magneto-Gauss, Faraday, and Ampere) in both integration as well as in differentiation form. The compilation itself follows the GNU Free Document License (GFDL).

Everything including these pages are just data, whole data, and nothing but data. Therefore, constantly compare them; don't force them! All Wrongs Reengineered in the next revision! May No Force be with you!

Gaelle T. Morin

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