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17.1. Common information 17.1.1. Node Mobility

Support for IPv6 mobility can be enabled in Linux by installing the MIPL2 implementation found at: http://www.mobile-ipv6.org/

This implementation is compliant with RFC 3775. It is composed of a kernel patch and a mobility daemon called mip6d. Version 2.0.1 applies on Linux kernel 2.6.15.

Installation and setup are described in the Linux Mobile IPv6 HOWTO. 17.1.2. Network Mobility

There also exists an implementation of network mobility for Linux, it is called NEPL and is based on MIPL. It can also be downloaded from: http://www.mobile-ipv6.org/.

The HOWTO document describing setup and configuration is available at: http://www.nautilus6.org/doc/nepl-howto/. 17.1.3. Links

   Mobile IPv6 for Linux (MIPL) project: http://www.mobile-ipv6.org/
   Nautilus6 working group: http://nautilus6.org/
   Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6 for Linux project: http://www.fmipv6.org/
   USAGI-patched Mobile IPv6 for Linux (UMIP):http://umip.linux-ipv6.org/
   Deploying IPsec/IKE-protected MIPv6 under Linux:http://natisbad.org/MIPv6/
   RFC 3775 / Mobility Support in IPv6
   RFC 3776 / Using IPsec to Protect Mobile IPv6 Signaling Between Mobile Nodes and Home Agents
   RFC 3963 / Network Mobility (NEMO)
   RFC 4068 / Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6
   RFC 4423 / Host Identity Protocol (HIP) Architecture
   RFC 5201 / Host Identity Protocol
   HIP implementations: http://infrahip.hiit.fi/, http://hip4inter.net/, http://www.openhip.org/
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