Implementasi ENUM di Asterisk 1.6

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Naga-naganya ENUM di Asterisk 1.6 masih bermasalah. Bagi anda yang memiliki jiwa hacker di persilahkan untuk mencoba & membongkar langsung source code enum.c:) ..


[edit] Edit /etc/asterisk/enum.conf

Edit /etc/asterisk/enum.conf dan masukan top level domain dari ENUM yang anda inginkan,

vi /etc/asterisk/enum.conf



[edit] Edit /etc/asterisk/extensions.conf

Asumsi ENUM menggunakan top level domain Maka pada extensions.conf menggunakan,

exten => _00.,1,Set(enumresult=${ENUMLOOKUP(+${EXTEN:2},,,,})
exten => _00.,n,Dial(SIP/${enumresult})

exten => _+.,1,Set(enumresult=${ENUMLOOKUP(${EXTEN},,,,})
exten => _+.,n,Dial(SIP/${enumresult})

[edit] Keterangan yang ada di source code asterisk 1.6

Keterangan yang di ambil dari Source Code adalah sebagai berikut,

name     = "ENUMQUERY",
synopsis = "Initiate an ENUM query",
syntax   = "ENUMQUERY(number[,Method-type[,zone-suffix]])",
desc     = "This will do a ENUM lookup of the given phone number.\n"
       "If no method-tpye is given, the default will be sip. If no\n"
       "zone-suffix is given, the default will be \"\".\n"
       "The result of this function will be a numeric ID that can\n"
       "be used to retrieve the results using the ENUMRESULT function.\n",

name     = "ENUMRESULT",
synopsis = "Retrieve results from a ENUMQUERY",
syntax   = "ENUMRESULT(id,resultnum)",
desc     = "This function will retrieve results from a previous use\n"
       "of the ENUMQUERY function.\n"
       "  id - This argument is the identifier returned by the ENUMQUERY function.\n"
       "  resultnum - This is the number of the result that you want to retrieve.\n"
       "       Results start at 1.  If this argument is specified as \"getnum\",\n"
       "       then it will return the total number of results that are available.\n",

name     = "ENUMLOOKUP",
synopsis = "General or specific querying of NAPTR records for ENUM or ENUM-like DNS pointers",
syntax   = "ENUMLOOKUP(number[,Method-type[,options[,record#[,zone-suffix]]]])",
desc     =
               "Option 'c' returns an integer count of the number of NAPTRs of a certain RR type.\n"
               "Combination of 'c' and Method-type of 'ALL' will return a count of all NAPTRs for the record.\n"
               "Defaults are: Method-type=sip, no options, record=1,\n\n"
               "For more information, see doc/asterisk.pdf",

[edit] Pranala Menarik

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