Menggunakan sipsak Mengevaluasi Performance Softswitch

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Instalasi sipsak

# apt-get install sipsak

[edit] Pemakaian sipsak

Send an OPTIONS request to and display received replies:

# sipsak -vv -s

Trace the SIP path to

# sipsak -T -s

Insert a forwarding contact for myself at work to me at home for one hour and authenticated with password if required:

# sipsak -U -C sip:me@home -x 3600 -a password -s sip:myself@company

Query the currently registered bindings for myself at work and authenticate with password if required:

# sipsak -I -C empty -a password -s sip:myself@work

Send the instant message "Lunch time!" to the colleague and show result:

# sipsak -M -v -s sip:colleaue@work -B "Lunch time!"

# sipsak -vvv -s sip:nomor@sipserver -H ourhostname

[edit] Pranala Menarik

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