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OpenStack is an IaaS cloud computing project by Rackspace Cloud and NASA. Currently more than 60 companies have joined the project among which are Citrix Systems, Dell, AMD, Intel, Canonical and Cisco. It is free open source software released under the terms of the Apache License.

OpenStack Compute (Nova) is a cloud computing fabric controller (the main part of an IaaS system). It is written in Python, using the Eventlet and Twisted frameworks, and relies on the standard AMQP messaging protocol, and SQLAlchemy for data store access. OpenStack Object Store (Swift) is a massively scalable redundant storage system leveraged in cloud solutions.

It will have Open Virtualization Format (OVF) support. It integrates code from NASA's Nebula platform as well as Rackspace's Cloud Files platform.


[edit] History

In July 2010, Rackspace Hosting and NASA jointly launched a new open source cloud initiative known as OpenStack. The mission of the OpenStack project is to enable any organization to create and offer cloud computing services running on standard hardware. The community's first official release, code-named Austin, was made available just 4 months later with plans to release regular updates of the software every few months.

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