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  1. Web Server Object Caching (210 bytes)

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  1. Linux Howto (30,002 bytes)
    514: * [[Web Server Object Caching]]
  2. Konsep Proxy (40,396 bytes)
    69: ...t yang diminta URL tersebut dinamakan “Internet Object”. Pertama dia akan bertanya terlebih dahulu ke ...
    71: ...ndingkan [[header content]] yang ada pada [[cache object]] dengan yang ada pada [[web server]], jika [[con...
    73: terhubung dengan server tersebut, maka [[cache object]] tersebut bias dipakai bersama-sama, [[server]] ...
    77: ... waktu yang dibutuhkan pengguna untuk mendapatkan object yang fresh akan semakin sedikit.
    79: ...tinggi prioritasnya untuk dihapus. Dan juga untuk object yang tidak popular akan lebih cepat dihapus juga.
  3. Instalasi Memcache Server (529 bytes)
    1: ...mcached is a high-performance, distributed memory object caching system, generic in nature, but intended f...
  4. Konfigurasi ENUM di Asterisk (15,061 bytes)
    178: circumstance. (note: I do not object to Asterisk's dnsmgr method of
  5. PHP (5,294 bytes)
    68: # [[Object]]
  6. Web Server (1,037 bytes)
    21: * [[Web Server Object Caching]]
  7. 24 Juni 1988: Alamat IP Pertama Indonesia 192.41.206/24 (3,952 bytes)
    49: descr: imported inetnum object for UNIVER-208
    55: remarks: imported from ARIN object:
    84: remarks: imported from ARIN object:
  8. Kompilator (1,312 bytes)
    5: ...'[[kompilator]]'' akan menghasilkan kode obyek (''object code'') yang bisa berupa file [[executable]] pada...
  9. Automatic Packet Reporting System (20,466 bytes)
    1: ...ent map features are weather stations, alerts and objects and other map-related amateur radio volunteer ac...
    12: ==Positions/objects==
    13: ...jects, Status, Messages and Queries. The Position/object packets contain the latitude and longitude, and a...
    15: ...ny of several hundred different symbols. Position/objects can also contain weather information or can be a...
    20: * Station or object
  10. IP PBX (3,210 bytes)
    5: An IP-PBX can exist as a hardware object, or virtually, as a software system.
  11. Mikrotik: Sample Load Balancing di Game Center untuk Speedy (19,583 bytes)
    217: ...ache-administrator=”” max-object-size=4096KiB \
  12. GUI (15,697 bytes)
    12: ...ght-pen to guide the creation and manipulation of objects in engineering drawings.
    88: ...r graphics|two-dimensional]] or "[[2.5D]]" vector objects.
    102: *[[Object-oriented user interface]]
  13. Moodle (4,006 bytes)
    1: '''MOODLE''' (singkatan dari '''''Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment''''') adala...
  14. TCP/IP: Simple Network Management Protocol (58,240 bytes)
    19: ... to be more easily defined, groups of related MIB objects are now defined in separate RFC standards called...
    51: ...MP way”, which means thinking about information objects and not commands.
    53: ...n-oriented. SNMP operations are implemented using objects called variables that are maintained in managed ...
    82: ...d MIB contains more than a thousand objects. Each object in the MIB represents some specific entity on the...
    87: ...rdiri dari managed objek dan di identifikasi oleh object identifier (pengidentifikasi objek).
  15. Instalasi Ushahidi (4,547 bytes)
    138: 'object' => TRUE,
  16. Spam (40,033 bytes)
    27: ... the development of the [[Breidbart Index]] as an objective measure of a message's "spamminess".
    130: ...tion]], the maker of Spam luncheon meat, does not object to the Internet use of the term "spamming". Howev...
    134: ...r on August 27, 1999 requesting that he delete an objectionable image (a can of Hormel's Spam luncheon mea...
    165: ...|trojan horses]] or other malicious software. The objective may be [[identity theft]], or worse (e.g., [[a...
    172: ...EWS]] is a common target of these criticisms. Few object to the existence of these tools; it is their use ...
  17. GNURadio: Ubuntu Install (15,174 bytes)
    153: ...: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    206: ...: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  18. Linux Security Howto (136,754 bytes)
    763: ...g developed at the University of Arizona, uses an object-based framework for implementing network protocol...
    1574: ...der to load modules, you must be root. The module object files are also only writable by root. This means ...
  19. Sekitar Python (3,037 bytes)
    3: ...m]], termasuk style [[object-oriented programming|object-oriented]], [[imperative programming|imperative]]...
  20. Flowplayer: Konfigurasi (11,255 bytes)
    3: ...our video is streamed or even tweak how the Flash object is embedded. Supplying a configuration is probabl...
    8: * Core objects and Plugins that you can configure
    17: ...ation. Here is an example that addresses the Clip object of the player installed on the HTML element with ...
    28: Core objects and Plugins that you can configure
    30: Flowplayer has the following core objects and plugins that can be specified via the config...

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