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In Yate routing modules are equal, there's no central hub. You can use the message handler priorities to impose a certain order of passing through the routing modules - numerically lower priorities will be tried first.

There are several ways of debugging ENUM routing: - use tcpdump or Ethereal/Wireshark to sniff for UDP packets on port 53 - start Yate with -vvvv

  in rmanager type "debug enumroute level 9"
  in yate.conf section [debug] put: enumroute=level 9
    and look for messages like:
Returned 0 NAPTR records in ....

This will show if at least Yate tries to use ENUM.

Note that Yate will attempt to use ENUM only if called number: - starts with "+" or international prefix (default "00") - holds digits only, no characters like * or # - without prefix has at least a minimum length (default 8)

These limitations come from ENUM resolving only fully qualified numbers, in international format. No support exists for private dial plans. The default minimum length comes from Vatican numbers (3+5 digits).

Please check if in your tests your dialed numbers follo the above restrictions.

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