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To find out how good your voice quality is, you can measure it in terms of Mean Opinion Score (MOS) and R Factor, both of which are the unit measurement derived from the users perception on the voice they hear. MOS can be found at http://www.voiptroubleshooter.com/diagnosis/emodel.html. Below we have provided you with examples of MOS measurements based on a number of Codecs.

User's opinion R Factor MOS Score
Maximum values obtained by G.711 93 4.4
Highly satisfactory 90-100 4.3-5.0
Satisfactory 80-90 4.0-4.3
Good 70-80 3.6-4.0
Unasatisfactory 60-70 3.1-3.6
Poor 50-60 2.6-3.1
Not recommended 0 – 50 1.0-2.6

MOS Score and R Factor are measured based on users' experience on a communication session

VoIP Quality and Bandwidth Calculator
VoIP Quality and Bandwidth Calculator

Entering other types of codec and values pertaining to our bandwidth for every codec, we obtained the following MOS and R Factor calculation:

Codec Frame Packet Loss MOS R Factor Kbps
G.711 20ms 0% 4.4 93 80.8
G.723 5kbps 20ms 0% 3.8 74 16.5
G.723 6kbps 20ms 0% 4.0 78 17.5
G.729 20ms 0% 4.1 83 24.8

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