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In this chapter, we will discuss on OpenSIPS. OpenSIPS (Open SIP Server) is a mature Open Source implementation of a SIP server. OpenSIPS is more than a SIP proxy/router as it includes application-level functionalities. OpenSIPS, as a SIP server, is the core component of any SIP-based VoIP solution. With a very flexible and customizable routing engine, OpenSIPS 'unifies voice, video, IM and presence services in a highly efficient way, thanks to its scalable (modular) design.

What OpenSIPS has to offer, comes in a reliable and high-performance flavour - OpenSIPS is one of the fastest SIP servers, with a throughput that confirms it as a solution up to enterprise or carrier-grade class. It performs much better than that of Asterisk. However, it lacks of feature that rich in Asterisk. Thus, in reality, it would be beneficial to use both Asterisk and OpenSIPS.

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