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Linphone is an open source Voice Over IP phone (or SIP phone) that makes possible to communicate freely with people over the internet, with voice, video, and text instant messaging.

Linphone makes use of the SIP protocol (an open standard for internet telephony) and can be used with any SIP VoIP operator, including our free SIP audio/video service.

Linphone has been launched in 2001. It was the very first open source application using SIP software on Linux. For more than 10 years, a lot of improvements have been done and Linphone has been ported on the main desktop, mobile and web platforms:

  • on Windows Desktop in 2006
  • on iOS and Android in 2010
  • on Blackberry OS5-7 in 2011
  • on Windows Phone 8 in 2013
  • on web browsers in 2013 (Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari)

Since 2010, the project Linphone is supported by the company Belledonne Communications, created by Simon Morlat (the original author of Linphone) and Jehan Monnier. Belledonne Communications is in charge of the commercial support, which includes proprietary licenses for closed source applications, rebranding services (white label), customizations and technical assistance services.

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