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Kita dapat checkout source dari OpenWrt Subversion repository melalui perintah di bawah ini. Checkout versi yang lalu maupun release yang akan datang dapat dilakukan dengan cara mengubah branchname


[edit] SVN

[edit] CheckOut (CO)

  • Backfire 10.03 branch
svn co svn://
  • Kamikaze 8.09 branch
svn co svn://
  • Kamikaze 7.09 (deprecated)
svn co svn://
  • Development branch
svn co svn://
  • Kamikaze packages: ChangeLog
   *Note: Kamikaze only contains the essential set of packages, extra packages can be enabled with the command "make package/symlinks" or can be checked out from the following URL:
   svn co svn://

[edit] Updating

svn up

Switching from the prior to 2010 checkout procedure. The move from the past https:// (webdav) URL to the svn:// URL is done with a single command:

svn switch --relocate svn://

[edit] GIT

For those who prefer using git, there are also git repositories available, which are kept in sync with the main SVN ones:

[edit] trunk

git:// (clone of trunk)
git:// (clone of packages) 

[edit] backfire 

[edit] root (everything - a mirror of  svn:// 

[edit] Referensi

[edit] Pranala Menarik

[edit] Build Firmware

[edit] APRX

[edit] IPv6

[edit] Flash Firmware

[edit] Misc

[edit] UBNT

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